Rose Tree Garden

Sounds like an oxymoron? Think of the rose, your mind wanders to
shrubs, bushes, climbing plants — even miniature blooms of grand
beauty. But a tree?

Indeed, a tree! Think of it. Imagine your yard with a rose tree
– or two or more! — majestically imposing its presence throughout
your land. You’d feel like royalty over your tract.

Perhaps you haven’t heard them referred to as rose trees, maybe
you’re more familiar with them being called rose standards. These
plants have purposely been cultivated to resemble a tree.

The physical appearance of the tree consists of a long, slender
cane or stem approximately three feet in height. This cane (you
can for the moment consider it a trunk has no foliage — see, like
the trunk of a tree. It’s from this trunk that the rich abundance
of rose flowers burst forth.

The tree is created by grafting two pieces of other roses to it.
First a graft is made at the top of the central cane to support the
hybrid tree. Then a second graft is made at the rootstock or the
bottom of the plant.

This creates a unique plant that more than one person has commented
makes it look similar to a “lollipop.” In order that the central
core can actually handle the weight of the grafted rose on its top,
it’s usually staked. While normally this isn’t a problem, be
careful if you’re planning on planting this tree in a windy area.
It’s even more important then that you stake it.

Another important aspect to think about is the amount of sunlight
this plant receives. This may sound strange — because we talk
about how much roses love sun — but the large cane-trunk itself
is quite susceptible to the sun. So much so, in fact, that some
have actually suffered sun scald.

Craving more information on roses? Go to to find out how
incredibly easy it is to grow roses. You’ll be so amazed at the
simplicity and ease of it all, that you’ll be kicking yourself for
not starting this grand hobby earlier!

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