Rose planting

The first thing to consider when planting your rose bush is the location.  There are several things that need to be considered.

First and most obvious is you don’t want to plant on the shady side of the house.  As we have mentioned before roses need lots of direct sunlight.  After you find a sun lit place the next thing you want to check is the soil.

Is the soil healthy and nutritious for your roses?  It’s a funny way to put it but roses have big appetites and are big eaters and need nutritious soil.  But they are also fussy eaters and they don’t like soil that is sandy or too clay like either.  So how do you figure this out?

Take some soil and squeeze it into a clump.  If it stubbornly holds it’s form without crumpling it is too much clay.  If it won’t hold it’s form or crumbles too easy it is too sandy.  The soil should hold it’s form but not stubbornly if you poke at it it should crumble.  The soil should not be too acidic or have a lot of chalk or limestone.

It’s funny but rose plants are territorial and don’t like mixing with other plants yet they don’t mind being close to other roses plants.  You know how they say birds of a feather flock together (like wise for fish and other animals) well it’s the same with roses.  They like to flock with other roses.  Hard to believe but true.  So you don’t put roses near trees or other big plants.  Besides the roots of the bigger plants can extend into the rose plants roots system and take the water and nutrition needed by the rose.  If you dig a hole for your rose plant and hit some roots consider planting elsewhere.  Climbing roses aren’t so picky about being near other plants.  You can even get a climbing rose to wrap itself around a big tree.  Probably to the disgust of the other roses (that part was just a joke couldn’t resist it).

Now that you have the location you need to dig a hole that is a bigger then the size of pot your plant is in.  The depth of the hole depends on the climate and it would be a good idea to talk to other rose growers in the area as to the best depth.  But with colder areas you need to plant a little deeper.

It’s an excellent idea to put some compost in the bottom of the hole as it will make the soil more nutritious for your roses.  Also sprinkle some bone meal into the hole it is slow acting and is a source of phosphorus which is good for the rose root system and encourages root growth.  Spread out the roots and dump in some soil making sure it gets to the bottom and gets around the roots.  Don’t pack it down yet first water the roots while it is still lose.  Add the rest of the soil and now you can pack it down.  You can water again after packing.

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