Rose Gardening Tips

For rose gardening tips to be of any use to us they must teach us how to have healthier roses or more beautiful roses or both. Well we will cover some tips in this article which fortunately give us both.

The very first thing is when we purchase a rose plant don’t get a one year old plant because you will be waiting 2 whole seasons before you get a respectable bouquet out of it. Get the 2 year olds they are more mature and ready to produce immediately with no waiting.

Prior to purchasing your plant get a good compost going. It’s easy to make. Just throw all your organic table scraps in, gather up some lawn clippings and a bunch of dried leaves and let them do a little decaying over time. Now you have a very nutritious supplement for your rose plant free of charge. Get some organic fertilizer.

Dig a hole for your new rose plant big enough and deep enough to accommodate all the roots when the crown of the plant (the area where the stems end and the roots begin) is even with the soil level or in colder climates an inch or two below the soil level to protect the crown against a harsh winter.

Mix the organic fertilizer in with the freshly dug up soil and place this and the compost and the roots into the hole together. Your new rose plant will have very nutrition rich soil for a healthy plant and beautiful roses for many years to come. For an already existing rose garden use compost as a top dressing over the garden and let the nutrition sink into the soil.

A discussion of rose garden tips wouldn’t be complete without covering pruning as this is extremely important for rose plants. Rose plants need a major pruning once a year in the spring after the plant has been dormant over the winter. The pruning at this time is for shaping of the bush and general clean up. The dead, broken or diseased stems are removed from the plant and some gardeners recommend removing about one stem out of every three, preferably the thin weak stem. This opens up the bush to allow air to flow through it which is healthy for the plant and keeps away disease. When doing this major pruning it is also done to shape the plant so you need to be mindful of this as well.

When shaping the plant gardeners recommend cutting off no more then a third of the plant. That’s actually a lot to work with so keep that in mind when you are shaping your rose bush.

The next stage of pruning is when your rose bush is blooming. When the flowers get old and begin to go down hill the rose bush produces fewer and fewer flowers. When you cut away the old flowers it actually stimulates the production of new blooms. How nice it that? So don’t be shy about pruning. As soon as the flowers start going downhill immediately cut them away and you will get brand new beautiful flowers to replace them.

By following these rose gardening tips you will not only have healthy and very beautiful roses but with a beautiful fragrance as well.

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