Rose bush care

Since you have chosen to come to this site on rose bush care I’m sure you will agree when I say that roses are the most beautiful flower in the world. And they are the most popular flower being grown in practically every area of the world.  There are many, many different varieties of rose with many different beautiful colors and shapes to choose from.  There is a different rose for every occasion.  Yes you read that right… there are actually different roses for different occasions.  A very fascinating subject which we will be talking about in another article. For now let’s talk about rose bush care.

Like with any other plant you may have to deal with a pest problem.  Rose bushes can be invaded by rose midge larva, rose cane borer, thrips, Japanese beetles, stem girders, aphids, rose slugs, mites, caterpillars, scale insects, and rose chafers.  Nobody wants to deal with these pests but to sustain the life of your rose plant it may be necessary.

You have a few ways to deal with the pest problem after you have identified which type of bug you are dealing with.  If you only see one or two bugs you can try picking them off the roses and killing them yourself.  Make sure to remove the leaf you see them on because they could have laid eggs that are still hidden on the leaf.  And while you are at it you might want to check any surrounding leaves as well.

If it’s a bigger problem you can consider using synthetic or natural chemicals to help you get rid of the pests.  Please allow me to suggest that one should follow the directions on the package closely on how to use these chemicals because even natural or organic chemicals can be harmful to people if they are used incorrectly.

If you feel strongly about not using any type of chemicals on your rose bushes, you can always try using the natural enemies of the pests.  Not all bugs that you find in your garden are destructive.  Lady bugs and some types of wasps eat pests that damage rose bushes.  You can check your local garden center to see if this is an option for you with the type of pests that you have.  Or you can check online.

When planting your roses make sure to plant them in a sunny place roses like to be in the sun and do best with at least six hours of direct sunlight a day. Even rose varieties that are supposed to do very well in the shade need about four to six hours of direct sunlight.

Another part of rose bush care is deadheading.  Deadheading means to remove the dead flowers to improve its appearance or to stimulate further growth.  Notice it says stimulate further growth.  Fading or dead flowers will actually decrease the production of new roses.  So don’t feel reluctant to cut off flowers that are going downhill.  On the contrary feel free to cut them off when they are only beginning to open.  You not only get a longer indoor vase life from them but you are also helping your rose bush to produce more new roses.

There are many gardeners who think that no garden is complete without one or several rose bushes.  A properly cared for rose bush can produce blooms from the month of June until it begins to frost.   Rose bushes beautify the yard and adorn your home with elegance.  With a little care can get your rose bushes providing an abundance of high quality beautiful roses.

It is said when you know how to do something it is always easy.  If you know how to care for roses you can have your rose bushes providing an abundance of roses.  To get this know-how click this link to order a book on how to properly care for roses and you will have it in seconds.  A properly cared for rose bush will produce flowers from June all the way until the frost comes.  Which is a nice long time.

Rose bushes add elegance and beauty to your home and your neighborhood.  People will treat you differently. Your neighbors will treat you differently when you add this much beauty to their neighborhood.  They will want to know how you do it.  If you have a book on roses you will sound like an authority because you will be an authority.

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