Planting Rose Bushes

Follow these tips on planting rose bushes to get abundant beautiful roses.

When you purchase your rose plant get the 2 year old plant rather then the one year old. It may cost slightly more but the 2 year old is more mature and will give more roses this season and after all that’s why you are buying the plant in the first place to have an abundance of roses now not next year.

There are varieties of roses that grow well in the shade but unless you specifically bought that type of rose then you have the usual type of rose bush that needs at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day so you want a sunny location which is most anywhere in the garden just make sure it’s not under or behind a shady tree or next to a wall on the shady side of the house.

When planting rose bushes make sure you dig a hole deep enough to accommodate the roots so you don’t have to bend them in order for them to fit. When you place the rose plant into the freshly dug hole you will want the crown of the plant (the junction where the stems end and the roots begin) to rest on top of the soil. If you live in a colder climate it is better to plant it a little deeper. It’s best to consult with the local gardeners in your area to find out for sure what the best depth is for your area.

Don’t just dump the freshly dug up soil back into the hole without doctoring it up a little bit. Go get some organic fertilizer and ad that to the soil. Start making some compost prior to purchasing your rose plant so you can add that, it supplies good nutrition for your roses. Also add some bone meal as it supplies phosphorous which is good for the roots and helps them grow.

Now that you have some healthy nutritious soil start dumping it into the hole making sure it reaches the bottom and surrounds all the roots. While the soil is still nice and loose do your first watering so the water will be able to reach way down to the bottom of the roots and give your plant a blast of good nutrition. Now pack it down and add the rest of the soil on top, packing it down as well.

When your rose bush starts producing roses be quick to clip off the roses as soon as they start to age and go down hill. The roses contain the seeds so the bush can reproduce so when you cut off the means for it to reproduce the plant will actually increase its rose production. You can even clip a few new roses for your vase to enjoy in your home and this will also stimulate new rose bud production. So never be shy about pruning your rose bush it’s just healthy rose planting basics.

Congratulations on planting rose buses correctly for bountiful rose bushes. Now let them grace your garden and house with beauty the way only roses are able to do.

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