How to Care for Roses

Sure you want gorgeous beautiful roses but don’t get in a panic on how to care for roses. Don’t forget roses have been around for a long time. Some say roses were here long before man walked the earth and they did just fine without our assistance. So the best advice on how to care for roses is just get out of their way and let them do their thing the way they know best.

However there are ways to taking this otherwise wild plant and taming it into an even more aesthetic form that produces an abundance of beautiful roses. And most of that comes down to proper pruning.

Pruning provides a number of benefits to your rose plant. It prevents is from getting wild and scraggly and gives it a nice shape. Fortunately you can be quite liberal with your pruning when it comes to shaping. It is suggested by most gardeners that you can prune your bush down a full third without any problems. And the fact is you can usually go even further then that without harming your rose plant so this gives you a lot of latitude when it comes to shaping your rose bush into a more pleasing form.

So proper pruning is a big element in caring for roses. Another big element on how to care for roses is proper soil care. People these days are getting away from the synthetic chemical fertilizers and for good reason. There are all kinds of helpful organisms in the soil that breakdown compounds into natural nutrients for your rose plants. The synthetic fertilizers can actually destroy some of these naturally occurring organisms so that the rose plant will actually become dependent on the synthetic stuff as it can no longer get it from the good organisms. Not to mention that the synthetic stuff can be toxic to you, your family, your pets and the environment.

Now there are organic fertilizers that are very soil and environment friendly. They will work fine for any soil that seems to be deficient and will liven up your rose plant and keep it healthy. Even better then that and for no expense you can make your own compost with all your left over organic table scraps, some grass clippings and dried leaves. You can mix this in with your soil or use it as a top covering for adding excellent nutrition for your soil and rose plants. That’s how to care for your roses and your garden soil.

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