Growing Roses in Pots

You live in an apartment but you don’t care, you still want your own personal rose garden.  Or you live in a house but you don’t like going out into the elements to tend to your roses.  Well in both cases the solution of course is growing roses in pots.

Get yourself some clay pots, not the plastic things, as the clay can “breath” making it nicer for your rose plants.  Get a pot that will be large enough for your plant to grow into.  Sure it will look silly for a while with a little tiny plant in a big pot but you won’t be laughing when you have to replant it down the road so go for the big pot.  Since roses have roots that reach way down if possible get a pot that goes deep, if not it will be fine.  Almost all pots have a drainage hole make sure yours aren’t the exception.

Fill the pots with soil.  It’s good to mix in some compost and organic fertilizer as well.  Also adding a little bone meal is good because it’s a source of phosphorus which is healthy for the roots.  Then dig a hole and drop your rose plant in.  Spread out the roots and put in soil making sure it gets to the bottom and surrounds all the roots and pack it in slightly.  Try to aim it so that the crown or bud union (where the canes end and the roots begin) is resting on top of the soil when you are done.

Usually when it comes to growing roses in pots most people think in terms of having the pots in an outside planter or on their terrace as roses usually need lots of direct sun.  However if you want to have your roses indoors you this can be done in fact it’s even advisable if you get frosty winters or particularly hot summers.  But you will need rose varieties that require less sun.  Enquire when you purchase at the nursery.  Or even the ones that supposedly need “direct sun” will do just fine if you put them inside a window on the sunny side of the house or apartment with the window open or even closed.

Miniature roses do well when it comes to growing roses in pots indoors.  They are just a smaller version of the customary rose plant and even the flowers are smaller and may be more practical for indoors and yet they are just as beautiful as the larger varieties in fact you may even find them even more beautiful.

If they start getting too large for the house don’t be shy about pruning them back.  Roses do well with pruning and when you cut off the beautiful flowers you can put them in vases.  So now you will have roses in pots and roses in vases all indoors.  When it comes to roses nobody is ever going to tell you that you have too many.

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