Growing Roses Indoors

You like roses, you love roses. You love having them, you love the reactions you get when you give them to people and you love the way they beautify your home. You even like the idea of growing your own roses but the idea of putting on raggedy clothes, gardening gloves going out in the elements and getting dirt all over you to tend to your roses is a real turn off to you. “I’ll pay a gardener to do that, no thanks not for me,” you say.

Well it sounds like growing roses indoors is just the thing for you. Some people will tell you indoor roses are no easier then outdoor roses and require the same feeding, pruning and other rose care basics and are susceptible to the same diseases that outdoor rose have. Hog wash, growing roses indoors is a piece of cake.

Start of by getting yourself a couple of clay pots or if you like you can get an indoor planter or even a hanging basket. Fill with soil then dig a hole for the roots. Place your new rose plant in the hole and place dirt inside making sure the dirt gets to the bottom and surrounds all the roots and then pack it down slightly. Plant it just deep enough so that the crown of the rose plant (the place where the canes (stems) end and the roots begin) rests on the top of the soil.

The downside is most roses need many hours of direct sunlight each day and these may not do so well indoors. But that’s okay because there are many varieties that require far less sunshine. The gardener at the nursery can help you with this.

When it comes to growing roses indoors I would highly recommend starting off with miniature roses. They are beautiful. They are a real delight, just like the name suggests they are miniature versions of rose plants, even the flowers are tiny little things. Also as the name suggests they take up less room making them ideal for indoors plus they grow real well indoors.

Indoor roses do require more attention then the usual indoor plants. You will need to prune them occasionally but this will actually provide an excellent benefit. You need to cut off any roses right away that begin to wilt otherwise it will zap the plant of its energy. But cutting off the roses stimulates new rose growth. The beautiful thing is you can cut new roses and even unopened buds off and that will stimulate new bud growth and now you will have roses to put in your vase. So you get a double whammy. You have roses growing in your indoor pots and you also get to have additional roses in your vases. Can you have too many beautiful fragrant roses in your house? I don’t think so do you?

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