Caring for roses

Dear Fellow Rose Enthusiast,

Thank you for coming to my website and allowing me to share with you my knowledge on one of my most favorite subjects.  Aren’t roses the most beautiful of all flowers?  There are many beautiful flowers in the world but none of them compare to the rose.  The rose is definitely in a class by itself.  There is a magic to roses that no other flower has.  They are the most popular of flowers being grown world wide.  Roses come in many many different colors and shapes and every single one is beautiful.  On that note I have to share what just happened.

I just came from the flower shop, it’s only one block away, to look at all the roses they have for today.  They had hot pink, that’s what the lady said it was, hot pink.  They had lavender, how many things do you see in nature that are lavender.  These things were hard core lavender.  Beautiful but unusual looking.  They had roses that were perfectly white on the outside of the pedals yet pink or red on the inside of the pedals.  Yes the outside was white the inside was red.  Wow.  They had every imaginable color today.

Just so you will know what you are dealing with let me tell you what my favorite rose is.  They are all beautiful but my very favorite is the deep red rose just like at the top of this page.  How beautiful how riveting.  It’s magical.  And now that you know what you are dealing with what am I dealing with?  What is your favorite rose?

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Unfortunately roses have a reputation for being a hard plant to care for. While this may be true after learning the proper steps to take in caring for roses, helping a plant to look its best is easy.  For example just the simple task of watering roses actually requires some knowledge of the rose root structure to do it correctly.  There are things about the pruning of roses (good news actually on pruning) you need to know.  And since this page is already becoming long (another thing about me (this is a kind get to know each other page) is I like to keep my paragraphs short and my pages short (because that’s how most people like to read)).  So we will continue this discussion on the next page which will be less personal and far more technical so thanks for coming to my site and hit this link on caring for roses.

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